Thighplasty (Thigh Lift)

Thighplasty, more commonly known as a thigh lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess tissue and skin from the thighs, giving it a firmer, more toned look. More often than not, loose and sagging skin in the thighs is attributed to rapid or significant weight loss. While targeted exercise can help tone and sculpt the thigh muscles, the excess skin that’s left behind won’t go away on its own. By trimming away the excess skin and tissue and removing residual fat deposits in the thighs, patients can feel more comfortable in swimwear and more revealing summer wear.

What to Expect During and After Surgery

Thigh lifts are performed under general anesthesia, so the patient is asleep for the duration of the procedure which takes more or less two hours. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, the surgeon then proceeds to make an inconspicuous incision in the groin below the bikini line. If there is a fair amount of residual fat deposits in the thighs, the surgeon may have to perform liposuction in order to clear the field for lifting. The skin is then pulled up and the excess skin near the incision area is removed. The tissues are then pulled up and tightened and the skin is sutured back into place. The stitches used to close the incisions are quite deep and may reach the ligaments and bone in order to keep the skin in place. The place of the incision and the depth of the sutures used to close it up may cause a dark scar at first, but this will diminish over time. Fluid drains are also placed under the skin to get rid of excess blood and fluid and a compression garment may be worn for several days to aid in quick healing.

The patient is usually discharged several hours after the procedure is done, but the patient may opt for an overnight stay at the hospital for more comfort during the first 24 hours. Patients should also wait until all the fluid drains are removed before taking a shower. The downtime for this procedure takes about a week, after which light activities may be performed. It will take 3-4 weeks, or sometimes even more, for full recovery and strenuous activities should be avoided during this period.

Thighplasty is considered a safe procedure; however, potential patients should choose an experienced, board-certified surgeon to perform the procedure. Our highly qualified surgeons have years of experience in performing this type of surgery, and they will be glad to walk you through the procedure and answer all your questions. For more information on getting a thigh lift, contact us and schedule a consultation with one of our reputable and excellent surgeons.

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