Our ProFractional Treatment is the perfect skin resurfacing solution for minimizing wrinkles and pigmentation on the skin, as well as for improving skin tone and texture. With just one treatment, you can see noticeable results right away without too much inconvenience during and after the procedure. Using Sciton’s robotically scanned Contour Laser, our treatment provides visible results with less discomfort and minimal downtime as compared to full-field skin resurfacing treatments which are quite uncomfortable and take much longer to heal. The Contour Laser’s technology allows us to adjust the depth of the ablation depending on how much resurfacing a patient needs in order to achieve optimum results even with just one session.

Our ProFractional Treatment

Our ProFractional treatment can be used to treat wrinkles, scars, sun damage, dark pigmentation, and uneven skin tone. Our treatment works best for people who want an effective solution to reduce or get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as those who want softer, younger looking skin with reduced pigmentation and more even looking skin tone.

We use Sciton’s state of the art Contour Laser technology to penetrate deep into the skin and in the process, removing the top most layer of the skin which ensures evident results with very little downtime. This is because unlike older, full-field skin resurfacing treatments which clear away the whole treatment surface area, our ProFractional treatment removes just a fraction of the treatment area. This is enough to trigger the body’s natural response to heal wounds, which in turn stimulates new collagen and elastin production leaving you with smoother, softer, more even skin. Since the surrounding tissue remains untouched and intact, the healing process is more rapid allowing for quick recovery and a considerable reduction of discomfort. The depth of the ablation is adjusted according to your needs, so you can be sure to see results even after just one treatment.

What to Expect with Our ProFractional Treatment

Our ProFractional™ treatment is a comfortable and tolerable procedure, often needing only local anesthesia or a topical cream to numb the treatment area. Patients can enjoy results ranging from mild to dramatic depending on how the laser is tuned during the procedure. After the treatment, patients may experience pinpoint bleeding, redness, slight swelling and a feeling of tightness in the treated area as the skin begins to heal. While total healing may take a few weeks or months, patients can go back to their daily routines and apply makeup within a matter of days after going through the procedure.

Our ProFractional treatment provides recognizable results with just one session that can be done as a stand-alone treatment. It can also be done in conjunction with other treatments we offer such as our MicroLaserPeel or SkinTyte treatments for even faster, more visible results. Contact us to make an appointment for a consultation or to schedule your own ProFractional treatment today.



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