Products for Purchase

State of the Art Medical Grade Products

At CLI we use and sell state of the art medical grade products which include: Lucrece Physician’s Aesthetic Research and Obagi Medical.


Lucrece Physician’s Aesthetic Research products use the most up to date ingredients and technology, including peptides and plant stem cells. Lucrece’s professional products are what we use in all of our facial treatments and peels.

Lucrece products are sold exclusively at medical spas and medical offices only. Patients can purchase Lucrece products here for: anti aging, acne, rosacea, sensitive skin and sun damage prevention.

Obagi Medical

Obagi Medical is a results oriented clinical grade line, well known for their skin lightening/tone correcting products that focus on helping patients that suffer from different types of hyperpigmentation.

Obagi also has an amazing
system for patients that suffer from acne – moderate to severe. The Obagi products that patients can purchase here are the Nu-Derm line and the ClenziDerm line.

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