Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)

Otoplasty, or ear pinning, is a surgical procedure done to reshape protruding ears and correct deformities in the outer ear. This procedure can be done for either cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. While it is most commonly done to correct ear deformities in children, patients of any age can go through this procedure. Unfortunately, children who are born with protruding ears sometimes get teased at school and grow up feeling stressed or can have low self esteem because of their protruding ears. This procedure can bring back a child’s confidence and help them focus on other, more important things. This is also the same for adults with the same condition. Reconstructive otoplasty, however, repairs damage to the ear that may cause it to protrude and attempts to make the ears look like they did before the injury occurred.

Types of Otoplastic Procedures

Otoplasty is done to correct a variety of problems with ear shapes, angles, and size. For every problem, there is a corresponding otoplastic procedure to correct it.

  • Ear Augmentation – This procedure addresses conditions like Microtia where the patient has an underdeveloped pinna or outer ear, or Anotia where the pinna is absent. This procedure involves harvesting cartilage from the patient’s own ears or rib cage and is processed to replace missing structures in the ear.
  • Ear Pinning – This procedure is done to correct ears that protrude. It involves reshaping the ear and pinning it back. Excess skin and cartilage are removed to maintain a balanced look in the ear and it is sutured into place.
  • Ear Reduction – This procedure is done to treat cases of Macrotia or an oversized pinna. It involves trimming down excess skin and cartilage, as well as reducing certain components of the ear to reduce its size.

While some people have no problems with having large or protruding ears, there are those who feel self conscious and embarrassed about the way they look. People who are interested in this type of corrective procedure should weigh the risks and benefits of going through surgery. Any one from our team of highly-qualified surgeons can help you decide if this procedure is right for you. Call us now to schedule a consultation with one of our reputable plastic surgeons to get more information about otoplasty (ear pinning).

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