Laser Vein Treatment

Our Laser Vein Treatment is an effective way of treating conditions such as spider veins, small varicose veins, facial vessels, and cherry angiomas. A lot of factors can cause the appearance of these ugly vascular lesions, but luckily, our Laser Vein Treatment can help remove them and redirect blood flow away from the surface of the skin. This procedure can be done on almost every area of the body with the exception of the areas that are very close to the eyes. We are able to remove both red and blue vessels up to 3 millimeters in diameter. For smaller veins, immediate results can be seen after just one treatment. Larger veins on the other hand, may require two or three sessions to completely remove the problem veins. This procedure is non-invasive, meaning there are no scars and there is no downtime involved after this procedure.

Our Laser Vein Treatment

We recommend our Laser Vein Treatment to people suffering from unsightly marks caused by vascular lesions like small varicose veins, cherry angiomas, spider veins and facial vessels regardless of their skin tone. Individuals who are interested in treating their vein conditions are evaluated during the consultation period to make sure that their conditions are superficial and do not require further medical attention.

We use advanced laser technology to remove superficial vein conditions. A precise amount of intense laser light passes through the skin targeting the blood vessels to be eliminated. The specialized hand piece used to administer the laser is chilled to prevent burns on the skin’s surface. The light is absorbed by the blood in the vein, causing it to coagulate and block these vessels entirely. These blocked vessels will eventually be destroyed and will be reabsorbed back into the body. With these veins gone, the blood will be redirected away from the surface and back to where they’re supposed to flow through, the veins deeper beneath the skin.

What to Expect with Our Laser Vein Treatment

Compared to other treatments for vascular lesions, Laser Vein Treatments are non-invasive and are a fast and effective way to get rid of unsightly vascular conditions. While the procedure is relatively painless, a topical anesthetic can be applied 20-30 minutes before the procedure begins to reduce the discomfort caused by the heat of the laser. There is usually more discomfort when treating larger veins than there is when treating smaller, less severe cases. A stinging sensation is felt during the procedure, much like what one feels when undergoing other cosmetic laser treatments. After the procedure, the veins may look darker than usual. This is because of the coagulated blood that is clogging them. Bruising and redness may also occur as a side effect of the laser treatment. These side effects are expected to subside a few days after the procedure is done. It is also possible to have some blistering on the skin, but this will heal on its own within ten days of the treatment. There is no real downtime involved in this procedure; however, strenuous activities should be avoided 24-48 hours after treatment.

It may take more than one session to remove all of the unwanted veins. Treatment may be resumed after two to six weeks to target the rest of the veins that did not respond to the lasers the first time around. It may take two to three treatments to remove the veins completely, but additional sessions may be scheduled if new veins appear in the future. Contact us today for a consultation and to schedule an appointment for a Laser Vein Treatment session.

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