Fat Injections

Add Volume to Your Face and Hands with Fat Injections

The procedure wherein fat is transferred from other parts of the body to the face and hands is called fat grafting, or more commonly known as fat injections. This procedure is done to fill out thin, deflated, sagging skin caused by aging. As we grow older, our skin not only loses its elasticity, it also loses much of its fat content giving our face a deflated, hollow look. The same applies to our hands as veins and tendons become more apparent with age. By transferring fat from other parts of the body to these areas, our skin will look tighter and more youthful. Aside from the face and hands, fat can also be transferred to the breasts to compliment procedures that firm up and lift sagging breasts for a fuller, more natural look.

Fat Injections Procedure and Recovery

During fat grafting, surgeons perform two procedures done consecutively. The first one is liposuction. The surgeon collects fat from either the hips or the thighs or other parts of the body that are rich in fat deposits. Once the desired amount of fat is collected, it goes through a purification process that separates the fat cells from other substances and is processed for re-injection. The next part of this two-step process is to inject the fat in the area that needs filling. Fat is a naturally occurring substance in the body and a lot of it will be absorbed once injected, so surgeons often inject more than is needed. In some cases where most of the fat injected is absorbed, a second injection may be done at a later date to replace the absorbed fat.

After the injections are done, patients may experience some bruising and swelling. It is safe to perform light physical activities several days after the procedure; however, the puffiness, swelling, and bruising may take longer to subside. After a week or two, the skin will still continue to lose volume as the body absorbs the fat. After 3-4 months, the fat absorption stops, leaving you with fuller, younger looking skin. A second injection may be done at this time for a better outcome.

Our reputable and well-trained plastic surgeons have years of experience in performing this type of procedure. While this procedure seems quite simple, it is difficult to master, which is why only a handful of plastic surgeons can honestly say that they can do this procedure well. It is important to make sure that you have this procedure done by someone who is highly-qualified and well trained in administering fat graft injections. Call us to schedule a consultation session and we will be glad to explain the whole procedure to you and answer all of the questions you may have about getting fat injections.

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