Brow Lift

A brow/forehead lift is a procedure done to minimize the appearance of frown lines and the creases that appear across the forehead. It also re-positions eyebrows that are low or sagging. The first signs of aging often appear as creases or wrinkles on the forehead. As we age, the skin loses elasticity and gravity takes its toll on our brows making us look sad and tired all the time. When this happens, one way to regain the smooth, youthful looking forehead and perfectly positioned eyebrows we used to have is to have a brow lift procedure done.

What Happens During and After Surgery

In the past, most plastic surgeons performed a Brow/Forehead lift by making a long incision along the scalp line right below the hair line, but today, most surgeons prefer to make several short incisions in the same area and use an endoscope to guide the surgeons as they lift the tissues in the forehead and brow line from the bone to be re-positioned higher on the face. Surgeons can use various techniques to close the incision and keep the skin firmly in its new place on the face.

After the surgery, it is normal to experience a little bit of bruising and swelling for up to 10 days. This will subside on its own; however doctors would normally prescribe pain medication and advise the patient to apply cold compress on the affected area. Patients are also advised to take it easy for at least a week or two, after which they can return to performing light physical activities. Strenuous activities should be avoided until the patient has made a full recovery.

A brow/forehead lift is a common procedure, but it’s important that you know all the facts before deciding to undergo any type of cosmetic surgery. We would gladly answer all your questions and explain the pros and cons of this procedure to you. If you’re interested in getting rid of frown lines and having a smoother forehead with less wrinkles, call us for a free consultation with one of our highly-skilled surgeons who can help you decide if a brow/forehead lift is right for you.

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