Cosmetic Surgery Services

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)
When exercise doesn’t seem to be enough, an arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, gives women a chance to get the trim, toned arms they’ve always wanted.  This procedure can be done with or without liposuction to remove excess fat and skin between the elbow and the underarm and reshape it for slimmer, more proportionate arms.

Body Lift
Everyone knows what a facelift can do to make people look younger, but not everyone is aware that the body lift can do wonders, too. A full body lift is comprised of several separate procedures which can be tailored to the patient’s needs. Each procedure is designed to trim off excess tissue and skin, leaving you with a well toned and contoured body.

Breast Augmentation
Augmentation mammoplasty, more commonly known as breast augmentation, is a procedure where implants are surgically inserted under breast tissues in order to increase a woman’s breast size. Recent developments in surgical techniques and the types of implants have made this cosmetic procedure a whole lot safer.

Breast Lift
A mastopexy, more commonly known as a breast lift, is a surgical procedure that moves or lifts the breast tissue and the nipple up to a higher level on a woman’s chest. This procedure is meant to bring back your breasts’ natural and original look and improve a woman’s silhouette.

Breast Reduction
Women who have disproportionately large breasts have the option to undergo reduction mammoplasty, also known as breast reduction surgery to alleviate the physical discomfort caused by the breasts’ volume and weight. While a lot of women dream of having larger breasts, there are those who wish their breasts were a little bit smaller.

Breast Removal Surgery (Gynecomastia)
When men develop female-like breasts, this condition is called gynecomastia. In some cases, the condition may go away on its own, but breast removal surgery is also a good option to remove the breasts on teenage boys and men. Male breast enlargement is a very embarrassing condition to have, but something can be done if the problem doesn’t go away on its own.

Brow lift
A brow lift or forehead lift is a procedure done to minimize the appearance of frown lines and the creases that appear across the forehead. As we age, the skin loses elasticity and gravity takes its toll on our brows making us look sad and tired. One way to regain the smooth, youthful looking forehead and perfectly positioned eyebrows is to have a brow lift procedure done.

Buttock Implant
Buttock augmentation is a procedure done to enhance the size and shape of one’s buttocks by placing a solid silicone buttock implant in both buttocks. These implants can be sculpted to enhance the body’s natural curves and add fullness to an otherwise flat butt. The implants used for this procedure are sculpted to suit the patient’s body type in order to get a more natural looking curve.

Chin Implant
Chin augmentation is a procedure that uses a chin implant to reshape, as well as create balance in one’s face. This procedure is popular with men in particular as a strong and prominent chin makes them look more masculine. Women also undergo this procedure to make a prominent nose look smaller, thus creating balance and harmony in the face.

Deviated Septum (Septoplasty)
Septoplasty is a procedure done to correct a deviated or dislocated septum. The septum is the part of the nose that separates the nostrils. This condition can be congenital or caused by injury or trauma to the face, most especially the nose. When the septum is deformed, not only does it affect the appearance of the nose, it can also interfere with the airflow coming in and out of the nose.

Ear Pinning (Otoplasty)
Otoplasty, or ear pinning, is a surgical procedure done to reshape protruding ears and correct deformities in the outer ear. This procedure can be done for either cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. While it is most commonly done to correct ear deformities in children, patients of any age can go through this procedure.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures today. This procedure involves removing the excess fat, muscle, and skin to repair drooping, sagging eyelids. The removal of excess tissue from either the upper or lower eyelids, or both can help you see better, and in the process give your eyes a younger, more alert look.

Facelift (Rhytidectomy)
Rhytidectomy, also known as a facelift, is a surgical procedure that helps men and women fight the signs of aging and maintain a youthful appearance. There are a number of variations of this procedure; some are more invasive than others. During the consultation session, surgeons suggest which one of these variations suit the patient best.

Fat Injections
The procedure wherein fat is transferred from other parts of the body to the face and hands is called fat grafting, or more commonly known as fat injections. This procedure is done to fill out thin, deflated, sagging skin caused by aging. As we grow older, our skin not only loses its elasticity, it also loses much of its fat content giving our face a deflated, hollow look.

Inverted Nipples Correction
Correction of inverted nipples is done to deal with cosmetic and breastfeeding issues women with inverted nipples face. Most patients who consult surgeons for this type of procedure were born with this condition and may have gotten worse with age. Not only do inverted nipples cause self-consciousness, they may also present a problem when a woman decides to have a child and breastfeed.

Lipoplasty, more commonly known as liposuction, is a procedure that is performed on areas of the body such as the buttocks, back, abdomen, thighs, calves, upper arms, and other areas of the body that have stubborn fat deposits that diet and exercise cannot solve. This procedure is done for aesthetic purposes and is not a permanent weight loss solution as body fat can grow back.

Male Pectoral Implants
Pectoralis augmentation is a procedure which allows patients to have a manlier, more defined physique with the help of male pectoral implants. In cases where a man’s genes or certain conditions prevent him from getting that perfectly sculpted body despite regular exercise and rigorous weight training, this procedure may just be the perfect solution.

Mommy Makeover
A Mommy Makeover is a combination of different surgical procedures done to reverse the effects of childbirth on a woman’s body and physique. Pregnancy and childbirth can cause drastic changes in a mother’s skin, body shape and weight. The physical effects of this life-altering experience are different for each woman.

A necklift is a procedure done to enhance the appearance of the neck. A lot of people who undergo a facelift don’t really pay attention to how their necks look. They may end up looking 10, or even 20 years younger, but their necks will show you how old they really are. This is why a lot of plastic surgeons recommend this surgical neck enhancement procedure to complement a facelift procedure in order to get a better overall look.

Nose Implant
There are times when surgeons need to use a nose implant when performing rhinoplasty. The implant is surgically placed underneath the skin in the area of the nose that needs building up. The most common part of the nose where implants are placed is in the bridge of the nose. It can also be placed in areas such as columella, septum, and the base of the nose.

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)
Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) is a surgical procedure done to reshape and add contour to the nose. This procedure can be cosmetic or reconstructive in nature, and is done to increase or decrease the size of the nose, change its shape, or repair damage and deformities resulting from injury. The changes made to a patient’s nose would depend on his or her facial features.

Thigh Lift (Thighplasty)
Thighplasty, more commonly known as a thigh lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess tissue and skin from the thighs, giving it a firmer, more toned look. By trimming away the excess skin and tissue and removing residual fat deposits in the thighs, patients can feel more comfortable in swimwear and more revealing summer wear.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
An abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck is a surgical procedure where in sagging skin and excess fat are removed from the middle and lower abdominal area and in the process tightening the muscles of the abdominal wall to create a flatter, firmer abdominal profile. Most of the people who undergo this procedure are women who have a sagging abdomen after they have given birth, and lost a lot of weight; however, many men are also open to this procedure as an option to remove sagging or protruding bellies.